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Drop off and Pick up from school

Qualified staff walk the children to the school at 8:15 and pick them up at 3:00. We also offer to walk pre-school children to and from the morning session at the Alix MAC school.

Crafts and projects

Crafts are offered everyday for the children to participate in, we also do larger projects throughout the year such as plan and build the float for the parade, and design creative displays for the school age room.


We know how hectic evenings can be,  get home, make supper, clean the house, do laundry, bath time, story time, bed time....... We will do 20 mins of homework after school to help you out. (We limit it to 20 min to reduce the amount of sedentary time)

Field T
Field Trips
20190820_134459 - Copy.jpg

On non-school days we try to plan an off site field trip, we have gone to places such as the beach, joined in activities at the library, and visited the museum.

Outdoor Activities and Games

We LOVE to be outside! If the weather allows we let the children burn off some energy after school at the park or playing a game in the field,  we also take regular walks or bike rides on the nature trail on non school days.

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