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The intellectual needs of a child can be met in a variety of ways.Right from infancy, verbally making the child aware of him/herself and his/her environment can increase his/her self-awareness and encourage his/her curiosity.Reading books, telling stories, and teaching letters and numbers to those who are ready can stimulate the older children intellectually.The centre will provide stimulating play centers for the children and encourage the child to increase his/her vocabulary by exposing him/her to new words.

Physical Needs:


Providing adequate nutrition, rest, health, and safety is crucial to developing children.To meet these needs, Early Childhood Professionals provide times and activities during the day, indoor and outdoor, which help develop both gross motor skills through large muscle activities (such as playground activities, dancing, walking, jumping, obstacle courses, etc.) and fine motor activities through manipulation of small materials (such as drawing, puzzles, lacing cards, stringing beads, Lego, etc.).

Social Needs:


The development of social skills is essential for children to be able to interact with peers and adults.Children are given opportunities throughout the day to work and play cooperatively with other children while respecting the rights of others.Some of the activities that encourage social development and interaction may include stories, games, and activities that encourage turn taking.

Creative Needs:


The center offers numerous opportunities to develop creativity.The children have the opportunity to explore dance, song, music, storytelling, painting, sand play, water play, etc.This is done in both a formal, such as art projects and special occasion activities, and an informal manner such as play centers and available crafting materials.

Emotional Needs:


Children need to feel accepted, respected and secure.We believe in providing the children a place to feel safe to be an individual, where they can learn to understand feelings and how to appropriately express them. Early Childhood Professionals will spend time interacting with each child to help them learn to understand feelings and express themselves.

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